Tarmac’s executive agents protect and transport dignitaries, high profile clients as well as their families and loved ones. We offer armed or unarmed professionals who detect and mitigate possible risk with confidence and speed.

We care

Our vigilant security professional is trained to protect any individual exposed to threat. Executive Protection requires special skill sets such as vigilance, sixth sense, body language, proactive approach, calmness and presence of mind. At Elite Force, the Executive Protection personnel are specially trained to develop these skills, thereby enabling them to handle all kinds of threat perceptions and intelligence gathering.

We know

Our field teams are some of the most knowledgeable and resourceful out there. But no matter how prepared you are, situations can change. And they can change in a split second. What set us apart from the competition is our unique synthesis of Intelligence and operations. Our field teams don’t work alone. They’re in sync with our Intel division’s team of specialists, receiving real-time updates and ongoing assessments of things as they’re going down. The MAX team assigned to protecting your people knows how to avoid danger because they know what dangers to avoid. Of course, there are parts of the world where you practically expect trouble. Or certain situations where your business is especially vulnerable. Our advance teams do the reconnaissance so that you know for sure there’s nothing out there that’s going to make life difficult for you or your people.

We do

Protective movements and armed escorts
High-threat protection for dignitaries
International travel protection for corporate executives, diplomats, and celebrities
Close personal protection
Celebrity and corporate VIP protection
Armed vehicle transportation
Route and venue reconnaissance and clearance
Security advance, counter-attack, and counter-surveillance teams

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